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My one year old is clingy!!
dpotterhoyle posted:
Hi! My one year old is so clingy that I cannot even cook dinner, clean, use the restroom, shower, or do anything just about. I must get things done. I keep him on my hip all day. Otherwise he climbs all over me and clings to my legs crying. He pitches a fit to put him down. Usually this is all the time. Rarely he lets me actually get things done. I give him lots of love and attention. He has always been this way and I thought he would grow out of it. I thought to let him cry. Its hard for me to let him cry because it makes me feel bad, but he never stops. He just continues to cry until i pick him up. Please give me some pointers on how to show him to play alone, or do things alone for just even a little bit at a time. Maybe I could get a load of laundry done or get dinner cooked. Thanks!
saywhat789 responded:
It's the age and stage!! Please let me know if you find a solution!! ;)

My daughter finally started to venture off on her own just recently (13.5 months) and it's only for a short amount of time (and not when it's convienent!)

Right now I stick her in the crib screaming so I can shower for 2 seconds. *sigh*

Have you though about getting a baby carrier to wrap him up to you? A ring sling or Beco or something. Then you can wear him and get something done at the same time.
jwick407 replied to saywhat789's response:
omg I am so totally in the same boat - in the last couple of weeks it has become almost unbearable ... my LO does the same thing and just follows me around crying until I pick her up... as soon as I try to do something other than play with her she gets all clingy - my husband can't do anything with her when he's home either bc she only wants to be with me.... she is 11mo old - i hope she grows out of it soon ....

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