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Speech eval update
seeit2 posted:
I had my now - 11 month old formally evaluated yesterday for speech therapy. He is only squeaking and grunting and has only in the last two days really developed a separate sound for a word - a distinct squeak for the word "more". (Which totally figures because the boy lives to eat, so there's the motivation lol!)

He qualified for ST once a week, which is a lot for his age. They feel he has oral/motor issues, which means that the muscles around his mouth and tongue are not strong or coordinated enough to make sound or effectively swallow food. So I'm really happy I went ahead with the eval (I had a lot of people give me the whole "over-reacting mommy" attitude) and now he can get the help he needs. (THis also explains much of the initial issues we had BFing, another area I got a lot of crap for...good thing I am so hard-headed).

Anyway, if any of you have concerns about these types of things I would never hesitate to talk to your pedi or call your county Early Intervention program. The eval is free, and if they don't qualify then you will at least get tips about how to do things at home to help your child progress in areas of concern.

Laney0705 responded:

I'm so glad you had him tested and are getting the early help for him. I'm not sure how any one can critize a parent for wanting to get their child help.

Sorry I didn't post sooner but I don't get on here as much as I used to.
seeit2 replied to Laney0705's response:
Hey Laney - are you on Facebook? Do you post to the other mommy group?
Laney0705 replied to seeit2's response:
I am on Facebook. I can't get to it at work to attach a link but if you search Alana Weissenburger Silowka that's me.

No, I only post on the webmd boards. Send me the link to the mommy group so I have it. Thanks.

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