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11 Month Old is Frequently Vomiting
An_222280 posted:
I am a first time mother and my daughter is almost 11 months old. She vomits on an average of 2-3 times a day. We are changing her sheets nightly. We have seen two different pediatricans who both claim she has acid reflux. She is taking Zantac 2x a day and is still vomiting. I have not been able to feed her anything that isn't baby food or disolveable. From what I have heard from other mothers with children her age she should be eating off the table by now. I am concerned that it is something more serious than just reflux. She has never been looked at internally. Anyone else have a similar situation?
saywhat789 responded:
My nephew has vomited like that since he was a tiny newborn - he is now almost three and still vomits at least twice a week. He has had scopes and everything and everything always looks just fine. You can ask the ped to be referred to a GI doctor who can do a scope to see if something else is going on.

Does she act like she's gagging before she vomits, or does it just spew out?? My nephew also has some sensory issues and the textures of certain foods are too much for him and they make him throw up also.

If your mommy gut is telling you something is not normal keep advocating for your daughter. Constant vomiting is not healthy and may create an unhealthy relationship with food like it has with my nephew. He downright refuses to eat now because he dosen't want to throw up. Voice your concerns with your ped. If Zantac isn't working maybe something else like Prevacid will.
seeit2 responded:
My daughter vomited like that until she was 10 months old...we gave her yogurt one day and she vomited and broke out in hives. Turns out she has a severe milk allergy. We were told it was reflux too, and it might have been that as well, but it was the milk all along. I breastfed her and even then the milk proteins affected her system - so I would definitely do some allergy testing just to rule that out. An allergist can also point you to other GI issues to explore and give referrals from there. I would insist on both skin and blood testing from the allergist - skin tests give out many false positives (but rarely false negatives, if that helps). I would pursue allergy testing, GI testing, whatever you need to in order to get to the bottom of this.



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