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Food Aversion?
riannrobbins posted:
Pedi thinks my daughter has food aversion. She is 10 1/2 months old and barley eats. She still eats tons of formula - 33 - 38 ounces a day. I did bm and formula until she was 9 months. When we feed her she'll eat 5 - 15 bites then is done. Total probably like 1 to 3 tablespoons maybe. We've tried it all... has this happened to anyone else?
saywhat789 responded:
1-3tsp of cereal is a perfect amount for a baby that age. Their stomachs are tiny - the size of their fist, so they don't need that much to get full. Especially if you have a little one that's under the 50th percentile or so. I honestly wouldn't worry about it at this point. The only reason they say to introduce solids is because the iron stores in the body start to get low around 6mos and they need more iron coming in. Just keep offering and keep in mind that 1-3tsp is a perfect amount. The jars of baby food do NOT mean that's how much your child needs to eat. You can also try some table food, my baby much prefered table food over baby food and would eat canned beans, bread, rice, cucumber bits, pasta or anything she could gum up.
Anmar22 responded:
My DD has never been able to eat very much. At one time she was doing really well on the pureed baby food (stage 2) and then she just stopped liking it. She was also drinking a lot of formula. I tried spacing out her bottle feedings to 6 oz. every 4-5 hours, about 24-30 oz/day, and I also started giving her stage 3 food which has bigger pieces and also table food and she seems to be doing better. What kind of food are you giving her? Try giving her different things/different textures and see if that helps.

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