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Picky eater! Help!
alwayssmile posted:
I have a year old girl, she doesn't have any teeth yet. And she won't eat baby food at all. She won't eat anything crushed at all! Her doc thinks she should be eating more because her weight is dropping.

Any ideas with food? What can I give her? She is extremely picky!
attleysmom responded:
Give her regular food. There are quite a few babies that don't have many teeth by a year and they do quite fine. Most of adult chewing is done with the molars anway and babies don't get those until after a year. Their gums are strong and they have a lot of extra saliva to help with breaking down the food.

Bananas, avocados, cooked vegetables cut up, cooked pasta (may need to cook it longer so it is extra soft), applesauce, pears, peaches, pieces of cheese, pieces of lunchmeat, yogurt, pieces of bread, pieces of pancakes graham crackers to chew on. If the pieces are small enough they can get down with minimal chewing. I would just keep a close eye on her.

There is even a feeding philosophy called baby led weaning wear babies don't get any any baby food and go straight to table food and those babies usually don't have teeth.

You could even try a little bit of peanut butter at this point on bread and pancakes.

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