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Unexplainable Fever - 10 Month Old - Off/On - Only When Measured Rectally
silicuda posted:
My 10 month old son has had an unexplainable mild fever off on for months. The strange thing is, this fever only shows up when measured rectally. The 2nd strange thing is, it doesn't happen everyday. It's an off and on thing.

The fever is usually in the 100.4 - 101.5 range and not higher.

When I measure under the armpit, its normal, same with taking a measurement on his temple.

It is only when measured rectally is when it shows that he has a mild fever.

Any ideas what it could be? We did tests and nothing, the local Dr's are puzzled and really don't know what to do so that is why I am posting on webMD to share my story, hoping someone else can help!

kynaves27 responded:
the rectal temp is closest to the core temperature so that one is prob the most accurate second would be a temporal and the least accurate is the armpit. this sounds like a fever brought on by teething maybe. a fever is the first sign of an oncoming infection so you might want to try looking into that. does he hvae any other symptoms other than the fever?
An_243295 responded:
I was wondering if you ever found out what was going on with your son? My son, 7 months old, has had a fever for the last 8 weeks straight... sounds very similar to your son - 100.5 - 101.2 but like with your son, it only shows up rectally. When taken under the armpit or on his temple, it shows a normal temp. Our doctors have run various tests and everything has come back normal. They have no clue what the source of the fever could be as he looks/acts healthy otherwise.

Any info you can provide would be greatly appreciated! Did you ever find out why the fever only registered when taken rectally? Does your son still have the fever? If not, did it go away on it's own or what treatment did he receive?


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