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Is 10 months old too old to start sleep training???
Lillygirl831 posted:
I have a 10 months old son who (generally) sleeps pretty good, but he has these random stages where he will take forever to fall asleep and he'll wake up a lot thoughout the night. We (me and DH) rock him to sleep in the rocking chair is LO's room. Once he's asleep from rocking him, we lay him in his crib. Sometimes, he stays asleep...sometimes he wakes right back up, starts crying and we have to do our routine all over again. Rarely does he sleep though the night though. We normally start his routine with a 6oz bubba and some oatmeal, then quiet time/reading of books, then it is time to go into his room to rock him to sleep. He'll fall asleep around 8:30-9pm and he'll wake up sometimes around 1:30, sometimes around 3:30 and most times around 4:30. I go back in there and rock him again until he falls asleep. He usually wakes up in the morning between 5:30-6:30AM...depending on when he falls asleep, but he wakes up at least once if not twice on 99% of the nights. Do you think we should sleep train?? and if so, is it too late since he's 10 months old now??
any ideas/opinios would be greatly appreciated.
An_222289 responded:
I did the controlled crying technique by the does work but may take time dont give up!! It worked with our son and we went thru a bout of ear infections (and had tubes in and adnoids taken out) and he has been sleeping with us we will do it again. Good luck!!
nyoka4u responded:
My DD is 9 months old (who was 2 months premature) does the same waking up at night once to twice a night. I can almost set my clock to her for 1230 and 0330. I usually let her go at the 1230 waking and let her cry for about 5 to 10 minutes because sometimes she will go back to sleep and other times she just gets louder and I know she's not going to go back to sleep. When she gets like that, I feed her and put her back to bed. On the nights that she does go back to sleep and wakes up at 0330, I do end up feeding her so she'll go back to bed. Before she goes to bed, which is usually 8pm she gets her bottle, a bowl of either oatmeal or rice cereal mixed with fruit and then a warm bath with Johnson's bed time bath and it's off to bed with her bink, lightweight blanket and we turn on her mobile for the music. I totally feel you pain because I'm exhausted like you probably are. Sorry for rambling, back to your question, no I don't think it's too late to sleep train your son. I know people who have had very good luck with the book from Dr. Ferber or Karp. Good luck and keep us posted.

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