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11 month old with a 101.6 fever
kwil09 posted:
My son will be 1 in 2 weeks. He acted fine all day other than being more tired than normal when all of a sudden he spiked a temp of 101.6 the thermometer was still going higher but he wouldn't be still so I gave up. Granny said don't worry he is just teething...he already has 9 teeth and has never done this before. Should I take him to ER or wait it out through tonight and see what happens?
kynaves27 responded:
give him baby motrin to bring the temp down, if that does not work then alternate tylenol with motrin, if he is still running a temp then call his dr... you want to wait till the temp gets above 101.0 to see if the babys immune system will fight it off but anything higher than that needs help. a fever is the first sign of infection so call his dr if you cant get it down. PS im a nurse so im not just making all this up, LOL.
kwil09 replied to kynaves27's response:
I know that I need to switch the meds and when it gets that high you are suppose to take them to the dr but his dr brushed me off when I called and said it was nothing to worry about I didnt need to give him meds unless the fever was making him behave different than normal I made the dr make us a appt anyway the dr said it was Rosella Virus ( I hope I spelled that right) and that it would go away on its own not to worry about it he didnt tell me that it is also known as Baby Measles and it is contagious.....I am seriously considering a new pediatrician
kynaves27 responded:
my son is 3 and when he was 18months he had a fever that just would not go away i took him urgent care and told them we were alternating the tylenol and motrin and they told me that i shouldnt give hom anything for a fever unless it gets above 101.0 so that his immune system has time to fight it off. i thought that was weird btu whatever. if i were you i would be alternating the meds and if it doesnt come down after 2-3 days then im going to either urgent care or ER and id also be looking a nre peds dr!

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