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11 month old that won't sleep all night
trinababi posted:
I can't get my 11 month old girl to sleep all night. She wakes up every hour to 2 hours wanting her bottle. She doesn't sleep more than an hour or 2 during the day. What is wrong?
KSHoh responded:
Whats her daytime eating and feeding schedule- how much is she eating drinking and when and how long are her naps and what time are you putting her down to bed?
KSHoh responded:
As long as she is eating well during the day she should not need a night bottle at all. As long as she is feeding very well during the day she is most likely just waking and taking the bottle out of habit, not need. I weaned my son off of night feedings all together at 5 months old. It took a few weeks but this is what I did: Start with setting a time for 2 night feedings- you set the time not her. Go in at those times and give her say 4 oz at each feeding. Be sure not to turn on any lights, you can use a night light and do not interact with her. that will let her know its not time to play. The next week go down to 3 oz each feed. The next week go in 1 time that whole night for her feed. Of course if she inbetween give her some time to settle herself down and if she does not then go in and try to sooth her without taking her out of the crib. You may give it one more week but no more after that. Will she protest- yes. But in time she will learn that she is just not going to get that bottle at night. Now my son who will be 10 months next week still ocassionaly wakes during the night- we are dealing with teething so waking at night is just something they will do from time to time. But I do not give him a bottle at night. Right before bed I have been giving him a nice size bowl of cereal just to have a little something in his tummy befefore he lays down but thats all till 7am( he goes down at 7pm)
bbran21 replied to KSHoh's response:
This is a tricky one just because all babies are so different. My son slept through the night at 4 months of age 8-6 never looked back and my daughter now 12 mths old just started sleeping 7 hours straight but wakes up throwing a fit for a bottle at 330 am almost exactly every morning...I feed her a small bottle and she sleeps another 3 hours. She is also teething right now she only has 2 teeth to date so I'm sympathizing with her on still giving her a bottle.
It really is iffy but by now your little one really shouldn't be waking that often at must be exhausted!!! Your gonna have to show him whose boss and when he sees you don't come in after a few minutes he'll prob stop...I hope it changes for you soon Keep posting you never know when someone with the same issue might come along who found a way

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