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    9 month old advice on milestones
    mamaPof2 posted:
    Hi my daughter is 8 months and will be 9 months on Oct 12th. I had taken her to the doctor this past monday and I was scolded by her doctor because of her height and weight, she was 24.5 inches tall and only weighed 16.12oz.... she has been EBF until 7 months when I tried to start introducing solids to her, she'd have her days where she'd eat 1/3 to 1/2 a jar of fruits or veggies at a setting then other days wouldnt want anything but my milk. She hasnt started crawling yet she wont pull up on her hands and knees she pushes her hands and scoots backwards but gets mad and will just roll from tummy to back and back on tummy. I feel like she is normal but maybe Im just crazy... anyways I need some parental advice since I've continued to beat myself up after our appointment with my doctor.

    Also she was 8lbs and 5oz at birth and was 17 3/4 inches tall Im 5'4 and my husband is 5'8....which my doctor knows this but anyways...

    advice ...encouragement!
    kay_kay75 responded:
    When you say the doctor scolded you what exactly did they say? Are they concerned that she isn't gaining correctly?
    RoseLynn02 responded:
    I'm gonna take a guess and say they think baby is gaining too much weight? My 11month old weighs a little more than that, so I think I'm making that right assumption, but please correct me if I'm wrong. However, if I am right, I would say get a new doctor. I didn't find a pediatrician that fit with my oldest DD's needs & mine till she was almost a yr. I had doctors constantly telling me she was over weight. Funny thing back when I was a baby it would have been considered healthy (better chubby than skinny?), Anyway she was in the 90th percentile(for weight/avg. height) for the longest time & yet she was born with GERD and still gained like crazy( & no not over feed). Point being, once she did actually start getting going(around 9 &1/2months crawling & 11months for walking) she evened out just fine. She is now 3 & perfectly healthy & at an average weight & everything. Imagine that. My mommy instincts were spot on. Trust yourself. No one knows your baby like you do.
    kay_kay75 responded:
    And don't worry about crawling, my daughter was 9 months 3 weeks before she started crawling and not army crawling. It happens fast!
    zabroza86 responded:
    I was told the same thing during my son's 6mo appt. I was told to cut back on his formula intake (6oz to 5oz) and that was WITHOUT any form of baby food. He has always been pretty lengthy (20.5 at birth and now 28in at 9 mo) but the PA said that he would become "obese". Yes, she used the word obese to my 6mo son because he had gained so much early on. I of course felt that I was being a horrible (first time) mother by feeding him too much so I cut back.

    He is now 9mo at 19lbs 7oz and is still 28in but they say he is too thin but in the normal range. He eats about a jar (depending on the food) during each sitting, several puffs, a couple teething cookies, and of course some "adult" foods.

    My only advice would be, YOU know what YOUR daughter does and how she handles the food. Your dr only sees her every 3mos so don't worry.

    I've also gotten remarks about his head being large and that he'll have "speech & developmental issues" later. Trust me, I wasn't too happy when I heard that.
    kay_kay75 responded:
    I would personally find another doctor the more I think about this, there is no way I would be ok with being scolded by my doctor unless I was doing something awful to my child!

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