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10 month old with a cold, ear infection and now diarrhea
bgabert posted:
Last Thursday my little guy had a fever of 103, then started to get a cold. Bad cough, runny nose, sneezing, the whole 9 yards. We have been using a cool mist humidifier, that soothing vapours bath stuff and I have been bundling him up and taking him for drives with the windows down (I live in Canada and it's about -6 right now).
We took him in to get checked outyesterday and our dr gave us a Rx for his ear since it was very red.
He seems to be happy about 75% of the day, the other 25% he's miserable.
Anyways, just today he had two poops - the first one was extremely mushy, the second was green diarrhea.

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this? He seems very happy at the moment. No fever or anything.

He hasn't been eating his solids as much since he's been sick so he's had a couple extra bottles a day.. But I doubt that would cause diarrhea!
- Bri (24), Jarrod (28), Emery (June 15, 2009)
RoseLynn02 responded:
Sounds like he is doing good. He is eating & having bowel movements that aren't all diarrhea, urinating fine I assume, happy & playful. I'd say keep doing what you're doing & follow dr.s orders & he will be fine. My DD had an ear infection before. They aren't fun, but they recover. I'm not so sure about driving with the windows down....especially with an ear infection. If you're concerned about the diarrhea then give him some pedialyte & give infant Motrin & infant Tylenol to reduce fever. Hope your little one feels better soon.
bgabert replied to RoseLynn02's response:
Thanks for the reply, RoseLynn02.

I called my dr, just worried because he continued to have diarrhea. She said it is a side effect of the Amoxicillan and just to make sure he is still wetting diapers and drinking lots of fluids - both of which is he doing!

Also, she said that the driving with the windows down was a great idea. Doesn't do anything to their ears, but helps clear up the cough.
He has been on the Rx since Monday and is doing a million times better!!
On Monday he could hardly crawl properly - now he's back to walking 5-6 steps.

Yay for a healthy baby again!
- Bri (25), Jarrod (29), Emery (June 15, 2009), Oliver (February 4, 2011)
RoseLynn02 replied to bgabert's response:
I'm so happy your LO is doing better.

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