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Middle ear infection
GaryPrague posted:
Hi All,

I live in the Czech Republic, though am a Brit. I have a 9 month old boy called James. Recently, he had a fairly harsh round of flu, which left him sniffling and pulling at one ear. My wife took him to the doctor who sent him to an ENT. The ENT took a quick look, then, telling my wife to hold James tight, proceeded to pierce his eardrum!

Now, to me this seems really strange, but I am being told here by other Czechs that it is completely normal in this country. Can anyone please confirm to me that it really is?

Personally, I would've thought the doc should have given him a dose of antibiotics, and if he was to do something like that, then under controlled conditions, but nothing. He just went ahead and burst his eardrum.

Please, if anyone can help me understand if this is normal or not. I'm going crazy with worry here.



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