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Tossing and turning all night
mommyin2011 posted:
My soon to be 9 month old son doesn't sleep like a 'normal' baby. He tosses and turns all night. He gets into to these weird positions and then wines/cries to be straighten out. He does this ALL night; to the point where I have to bring him into my bed so I don't have to keep getting up and readjusting him so I can try to get some sleep for work the next day (he sometimes sleeps better with me - but still tosses and turns allot)....what might the problem be? any one else dealing with this? if it wasn't for this issue, he'd sleep all night just fine...
DixieBrandon responded:
My daughter is the same way with getting up at night, except she screams for her pacifier. It drives me crazy because like you I also get up early and go to work. Im not sure why they do the "get up all night" thing. But lord I wish it would stop. Does it help if you give him a bath so his body is relaxed? Maybe soothing him in a tub and rubbing lotion on him while massaging his legs and feet and head??? I do that with my baby and I noticed it does help. Not go away but it lessens how many times she gets up. I havent quite found a solution to the problem so I can sleep all night, but if I do I will deff let you know!
mommyin2011 replied to DixieBrandon's response:
I do give him baths at night. I did help when I first started doing it, but now, he is back to getting up and wanting a bottle, or to be re-positioned. Im currently 7 months preg. with my 2nd and having no sleep is really killing me!!! i just hope it stops before his sister is here!!

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