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What is the most important section of the IEP?
pmw68 posted:
I am in the midst of preparing for the IEP next week. The details are exhausting and the stress of being about to communicate my point will gradually increase over the next couple of days.

My main objective in reading the school's goals for my child focus around:
  1. Productivity/functional curriculum - are the goals productive? What will they accomplish?
  2. Generalization - can the behaviors be crossed over to home and general society?
  3. Social skill enhancement and opportunity - increased inclusion of typical classroom time
  4. Measurement - How will educational progression be measured?The distinction between progression vs. maturation.
  5. Tools for adaptation (paraprofessional, adaptive P.E.)
  6. Appropriate level of services provided

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MerryinMichigan responded:
I would caution that when you refer to 'inclusion' you make certain that is in a classroom with a properly certified/trained professional. Here in Michigan it's called 'mainstreaming' and often the kids are tossed into a classroom with teachers/students who have NO idea how to help or what to expect.
Yes, we want our kids interacting with peers, but at what cost? My son is 9 and can spell words like 'excruciating', but has flunked every third grade spelling test this year. Why? Because he is not able to hear over the distractions, can't concentrate, and the words are presented too fast.
Insist on a parapro. I am facing another IEP next week for the same reason. I'm bringing coffee and donuts because we aren't leaving that room until he gets one. *grins*
pmw68 replied to MerryinMichigan's response:
Thanks MerryinMichigan. We do have a 1:1 paraprofessional with my son during all classroom time. You make a good point about the distractions though. My son seems to want to be in, more than out of class, but I will have to make sure that the balance won't affect his progression. Thanks!

We bring goodies too! That's funny. I feel that if we keep feeding them, we will be able to slow down and make sure we dot our i's and crossed our t's. Good Luck with yours.

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