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I am divorced and have a little girl with PDD
jesture posted:

I am having problems with my ex-husband when it comes to my daughter. My oldest daughter has to comforter and calm the youngest down when at their father's because he has rules! the latest is no juice at bed time. My daughter has had a drink at bedtime all her life. She gets dry mouth and even sleep walks in the middle of the night to get a drink. It is apart of her routine. Just going to see him throws her off. He is hurting them both emotionally! The court says I have to leave him see them and I don't know what to do! I moved last year from PA. to VA. I am trying to get the oldest back into counseling but my ex. will not listen to me now that he has a girlfriend. He doesn't want to admit that my 6 yr. old has PDD! I know I can take him back to court here but I don't want the judge to think I am putting words in their mouths! I feel so helpless! I hate seeing my daughters this way. The oldest cries all the time and the youngest has trouble sleeping and eating when they are with him! It takes me forever to get them back into routine especially the 6 yr. old. Please if anyone has any advice.I would appreciate it! Thank you

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