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Asperger's and schedules
justfiveofus posted:
I have a 5 year old who recently started kindergarden. After many run arounds in preschool about possible Aspergers the school psychologist has spent the past month observing my son a few days per week in the class room and is certain that he has Aspergers with some OCD tendancies.

One thing he suggested doing was creating a schedule (with pictures as well as words) for him to help him learn some self managing skills. I'm just wondering if any of you do that, and if so how your child has responded. I'm also wondering how much of a schedule you give. I just started working on this this morning, since they just talked to me yesterday. Any way, I have getting up, getting dressed, eating breakfast, brushing his teeth and combing his hair, putting on his shoes, getting his backpack and leaving for school. Then when he gets home I have his pick up time, putting his bag away, eating his snack, doing homework/chores (his homework is usually less than 10 minutes) and his chores are putting away the silverware, making his bed and cleaning his room so nothing major. Then I have play time, dinner, play, getting ready for bed, drawing or reading quietly in bed and then lights out time.

I am requesting that the psychologist look this over, but I wanted to get other people's opinions as well. Thanks!
KTsDaddy responded:
The picture schedule is a GREAT idea, and works wonderfully! My wife and I will usually go over my daughter's schedule with her the night before, allowing her to put the pictures in order for the upcoming day. It gives her a sense of control when she needs it, and lessens the anxiety she feels about what is ahead.

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