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Help son soon to be going through puberty!
Saismom posted:
My son is 11, soon to be 12. He still is throwing tantrums like he did at 2, we had thought we got away from this; he did good for about 1 1/2 yrs but now back in full force. Also, on top of this we have noticed increasing aggression in him. He has been in school since he was 3 and has always enjoyed school, he was the kid who hated Christmas & summer breaks because there was no school & now recently, he is in 6th grade & in middle school, he hates school. Every morning it is a 45 min fight with him to get ready for school. I have talked with his teachers & they all say he is not having problems with any kids & does well behaviourally at school. At his IEP all teachers stated he is a joy to have in class & is not having any problems. We already have him on Lexapro for anxiety & started him on risperdal last May for increased behaviors. His behaviourist thinks he is having age appropriate bhavior as far as the aggression & defiance goes & was excited to hear of it. To which I told her do you want him to come live with you? LOL If anyone has any advice how to muddle through this we would greatly appriciate it!
pmw68 responded:
I wish I did...I'm not there yet, but I am interested in what you find out. Do you notice that your son's tantrums can be expected at certain times (ie. break in a routine, after school, etc.) I would try to note when and why they are ocurring and see if you can eliminate some of the stress.

Good Luck.

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