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Autism Testing?
TyleeteB posted:
My poor son is 16 now, and was previously diagnosed with such things as ADHD (even though the doc said it was only Attention Deficit, not Hyper), depression, and SPD. We've spent thousands trying to make him feel better about himself (as he pretty much hates life) and even allowed some of the doctors to put him on medications (when she thought it was depression), all to no avail. Well I finally switched family doctors, and our newer (more well versed) doctor feels that my son may have some 'mild form of Autism', and wants him to get tested. Great. I can do this, but everyone seems to have waiting lists of months away. All but one doctor, whom I just found out doesn't actually have anyone 'accredited' to give the tests. The kind receptionist told me their testers are 'experienced' in the psychology field, but wouldn't say anything more than one is currently in the process of getting her masters and one 'wishes' to.
I've looked online to find if there's anywhere that can tell me exactly who should be giving the tests, but haven't found it. Could anyone Please tell me if this is something that should be given by someone specific or not? We've wasted enough time already, and I hate that my son is just suffering in silence through this all.
Any help would be much appreciated.
Most sincerely,
kmm333 responded:
Hi TyleeteB,

I understand your frustation, I am the mother of two autisic sons; a 20 year old w/asbergers and a18 year old full blown autisic. To me it sounds like your son may have asgergers, but of course only a licenced medical professional should make that choice. I strongly suggest using certified medical professionals; university, or hospitals. I know the waiting list or long but there are no quick fixes here. It will be frustrating journey, but it can be a wonderful one too, My asberger's son is a junior in a major college now and is on scholarship for chemical and computer engineering. Talk to your pediatrician, He/She should guide you in the right direction. My son benefited from an anti-depressent.
TyleeteB replied to kmm333's response:
Thanks so much. It is frustrating. But you've actually given me a bit of hope hearing about your older son. All I ever hear about are small children going through this, and worry about his as a near adult now. When he was younger, he was misdiagnosed with depression. His psych gave him anti-depressants for a year, trying new things when nothing seemed to work. But at least I can hope. Thanks for writing in.

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