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Parents; please help
tp2sad posted:
A doctor told me a toddler carrying 1 toy is normal but taking 5 or 6 toys when we leave the house is a sign of autism. But he carry them all day, he put them down for a movie, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, his slide, swing, laying on a blanket outside, garnening with me, or puzzles. Many other things can get his attention.

He has started in the last month taking about 3 toys into bed with him every night.

He's learning to share his toys with cousin and he will allow anyone to touch his toys as long as he asks us for help or we state we are offering help because 5 to 6 toys is cumbersome for him to carry into the car.
mom4adhdautism responded:
My son who has autism carries multiple toys sometimes not all the time. He tries to take them to school or in the car when we go places but is usually okay with having one or two. I do not think all children who carry more than one toy have autism. You may want to look into other types of behaviors.

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