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Autism Awareness??
pmw68 posted:
For the month of April, I have begun fundraising efforts for our walk for autism coming up in June, worn blue on world autism day (April 2) and installed blue lights. I volunteered a few hours at a local mall to promote autism awareness and represent the local autism society chapter. My question: Is anyone, but the families affected by autism becoming aware?

Wearing blue did nothing, but promote solidarity among the autistic community. Unless I wear a sign stating that I am wearing blue for autism, no awareness is promoted. The same goes for the blue lights on our house. Does anyone really think?...Oh, they have blue lights, they must be supporting autism! I don't think so.

That brings me to may last frustration in volunteering my time to promote awareness and represent a respectable organization, only to have the organization try to raise funds by selling magnets and stress balls with the organization logo on it. Guess what? Only the families affected by the disorder is stopping by the booth. I wanted to bring in cookies and create a "buzz" so that families that are (right now) unaffected would get the information that could be critical for early diagnosis. I was told that they had all that they needed. I admit that a face painter for kids did create a little draw, but the $5 donation seemed to overshadow the original intent...create awareness of autism and the characteristics associated with the disorder.

Does anyone else wonder if we are truly creating awareness outside of our autistic community?

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