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autsim tanrums
mommyof3boys1983 posted:
hi my name is helen and my youngest son is 2 and has pdd he catches really bad tanrums what can i do about them?
pmw68 responded:
Hi Helen,

Do you have your son in a birth to three program? Usually, you can request a behaviorist to help with the problem. I can tell you tha,t when my son would get upset, I tried to teach him to breath heavily, but I realize that (for a 2 year old) it is not always possible to teach this. What I used most on my son was to sing, hold him tight (which provided much needed compression for input) and rocked him (another technique to provide imput). The song I sang was song I made up called "hugs". I still sing it to him and he is 7. It really helps him. The tune is familiar, and the verses repeat, which provide him with the routine he needs. I also use our family members names as I repeat who needs a hug. This keeps his focus on the song, and the music is just a natural soother for him. I'm not sure if this will help your son, but try music. Classical music (from baby einstein series) helped my son to calm down. If you want the tune or words, email me at . I would be happy to jot down the words or talk with you off line.

Also, don't discount the services you are getting. If you think you may need a behaviorist, make sure you request one. You will never get what you don't ask for.

Let me know how it goes. - Pam
momsbabyboy replied to pmw68's response:
I was there a long time ago.Sometimes,depending on where you to ignore them.Then when he calms down,explain to him that he needs to tell you or point to what he wants.The tantrum is usually a result of not being able to communicate.As he gets more verbal,they should diminish in intensity and frequency.My son is now 11,and does very well.most people can't tell that he's autistic at all.It's going to require a lot of patience until he enters preschool.Be sure to put him in one,you will be amazed how much he will grow up and verbalize more being around typical kids.Good luck and keep up the good work!:D

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