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tv in room
1andonlybaby posted:
Does/did your 6/7 yr old have a tv in his room?

My sis and my mom have been wanting to buy ds a tv for about a year now and I've said no. I figure when he's about 10 or so he could have one.

Right now we have 1 tv in the house (family room) and I kind of want to keep it that way. That way when we watch tv, it's together.

I felt the same about the DS when he started asking for one last Christmas. He was perfectly happy playing with his Leapster until his 10 yr old cousin got a DS for Christmas. Anyway, my sis (who didn't know I didn't want him to have one), bought him one when we were visiting her for Spring Break. Now, he's obsessed! I have to take it and put it away sometimes.

I just talked to sis and she asked again about the tv in his room. I told her he still doesn't have one and I don't think he's ready for one yet. Am I being too old fashioned? Should I let her buy him a small one? Thoughts?
FCL responded:
We've had family suggest they buy a TV or a DVD player for the girls in their room and I am adamantly against it. The TV, the WII, the PC, etc are all downstairs in the living room and will remain there. I do not see the need for a TV in a bedroom and do not want to have children who spend all night watching the TV and are too tired for school in the morning. They can do what they want about TVs when they have their homes.

Personally, I do not care if anyone thinks I am old-fashioned because I happen to care about my daughters' sleep.
jandtheboys responded:
Hi Stranger! I peek in here every now and then when I have time. Great to "see" you are around! Hope things are going well for you and your DS!

On the tv issue..... Well, I have to admit that we do have a small tv in the boys' room. However, we do not have it hooked up to cable or satellite or anything, so it doesn't get regular channels or anything at all. It is purely to be used for watching videos/DVDs. We have the little tv that has the VCR in the bottom (old style, you know?), and we attached a portable DVD player to it, so you can watch DVDs. Movies are only allowed during "rest time" in the afternoon or after school when a little quiet time is needed for all! Or when friends are over and they want to have a movie on while they are playing in the room. I don't allow them to turn on movies at night, like when going to bed, for example. So, the tv is there, but has some pretty standard rules as to when it can be used. Now that older DS goes to school each day, he really doesn't use it much, but younger DS does use it for movies for "resting" on the days he naps still.

Hope that helps..... I completely understand your issues with video games/DS and tvs! I guess I would allow the sis to get one, if she really wants to, but then put some restrictions on it that you are comfortable with.
working_mom_2 responded:
We've also had to take DS's DS away from time to time. But for the most part he seems to do an ok job of self limiting his play.

We've talked about TV in the bedroom many times, but we always say no. We have 3 TVs in the house already. We generally all watch the same one. If someone wants to rest and watch TV they do it in our room.

When DS was sick we moved our TV down to his room, his play station followed.....needless to say, if we ever put a TV in his room, we would not allow any gaming system to be hooked up and it would be movies only.

If you don't want one, say so. Then suggest a DS game she could buy instead. I hate shelling out money for those. We always try and look for the $20 games, but DS really wants some of the $30-40 games. We suggest those as gifts to family members.
normarae5 responded:
My son will be seven very soon and he has a TV in his room, a PS2 , and a PSP. Lets Start with the TV first. I would say out of a full week that TV probably gets watched 2 hours. He never watches the TV after school. Homework, Dinner, Practice(Football, Baseball, Basketball, whatever time of the year it may be). He turns his TV on Saturday morning to watch TV, but once we all get up he navigates down to the living room Tv where we all watch TV together as a Family. Usually where running out the door to go to a Game of just our Weekend outings. He does watch the Tv the most when company is over. Now the video games are even more abandoned, They may get touched 2 times a week if they are lucky. He is just not a game child. He would rather play outside. So in honestly have never had to take a game away from him. I do not think your old fashioned for not wanting a TV in your child room. I have even thought about taking AJ's out because like I wrote it does not get used. When I was growing up we had one TV too. Right in the living room.
KC_94920 responded:
No TV's in bedrooms here. We have one in the family room and an even bigger one in the media/game room so there really isn't any reason.

Each big kid does have a good quality portable DVD player that is used during our monthly air travels and if for some reason (sleepover, illness, quiet time activity) they really need to watch a movie in their rooms, they just use their portable.

DD1 is pretty into the new DSi as well but has been great at self regulating her time. She only gets a little TV/movie/game time and rarely uses it all on video games.
Tricia1166 responded:
I'm with you on this one -- I don't see a need for it especially at this age. We have 2 TV's -- one in the family room and one in our bedroom. The kids do watch TV in our room sometimes, if we don't all want to watch the same show or something like that (like when DH wants to watch football most of Sunday and the kids want to watch a show for a while). But, mostly the TV in our room is for DH and me.
sea2006 responded:
Both the boys and DD have TV's in their room, connected to a DVD player. Neither of the bedrooms have any sort of signal-type device (cable, satellite, etc) hooked up, and they won't any time soon. They either watch TV in the family room or in my bedroom. With their DVD players, they have a selection of age-appropriate DVD's to choose from. I rarely have TV on during the day or into the evening, so the TV's are mostly utilized on the weekends when we're home (not much) or in the evenings when it's time to wind down and I need some time to clean up dinner or get some work done (if it's not bedtime yet)

Your house, your rules. Even if he gets one for Christmas doesn't mean he needs to watch it all the time. There are ways around this....hook a DVD player up to it only, and keep the DVD's in a place where he needs to ask you first, for example.

Or, just tell your sister no...again. And again, until she stops asking! LOL
sea2006 responded:
I should also mention that both TVs and DVD players in the kids' rooms are hand-me-downs -- we upgraded our DVD player in the family room twice (once for a better one, and once when DH found a deal he couldn't pass up) so the kids got the "extra" ones. Same with the TV's -- our large TV died shortly after moving into our old house, so we replaced it with a cheap 25" until we got our new one, then put the 25" in the boys' room. DD got a small Hello Kitty TV from my neice when DN "outgrew" it.

We've never bought them anything like this just b/c we wanted them to have's been more....accidental, if you will.
acemama responded:
DD asked me about this last night. Our answer is no TVs in the bedroom, DH and I don't have one in our bedroom either. We have a TV in the great room, DH has a small TV in the bonus room and there is a TV hooked to a DVD player in the playroom. That's plenty for us. I also don't keep toys in DD's bedroom to preserve the atmosphere for sleeping.

I don't think you're old fashioned at all, it's your house, your judgment and your rules.
Ruby46 responded:
No, absolutely not. We don't have a TV in either kid's room and none in ours either. The TV is in the family room.

I've discovered a problem I wouldn't have anticipated, though: cell phones. We gave our son a cell phone when he was twelve and now at fourteen, he would text all the time if he could. It interrupts his sleep. I have to make him give it up at ten o'clock so he'll sleep at night. Grrr...
sea2006 responded:
One thing I'd like to clarify with OP, as I've seen it a few times now....

Some of you would never allow a TV in the bedroom, but have one in the "playroom".

We didn't have a "playroom" -- our living room was formal with no TV, and our family room was on the bottom floor with cathedral ceilings that opened to the dinng room that overlooked the family room with a open spindled railing. DH refused to make this a playroom and never let the kids store toys in it. If we had a spare room to allow for a playroom, I'd likely have had set up their TV there. I don't know what I'd have done with the other extra one.

Therefore, the kids' toys were *in* their bedroom, as well as their TV's. The boys shared a room. DD had her own. Their rooms, by neccessity, were playrooms by day....bedrooms by night.

My question to the OP is: Are you opposed to DS having a TV at ALL, or just in his bedroom? I'm asking b/c some posters have stated that they refuse to allow a TV in the bedroom, but give access to one to the child/ren in a playroom atmosphere. That leads me to believe that they do not like the idea of their children watching TV while trying to sleep, but do not mind their child watching TV recreationally.

Not saying either or any are right or wrong...just wondering where you are coming from?
Tricia1166 responded:
To answer your question for us, Sea -- I I guess it is mostly that I don't want them holing themselves up in their rooms watching TV for hours. Yes, I know I could control how and when they watch, but I just feel like if everyone had a tv in their own room we'd end up with all 4 of us watching different shows in different rooms. This way, with the bulk of the TV viewing in the family room on the main floor, there is still some "interaction" among all of us and I am closer to the action in monitoring what the kids are watching. DD and DS are often playing together or on their own somewhere on the main floor while the TV is on, but aren't really paying attention to the TV. They pretty much use their rooms for alone time play.
1andonlybaby responded:
For me it's more of a no tv in the room thing.

I don't have a problem with ds watching tv because we both enjoy doing so. I just prefer him not to have a tv in his room.

As far as toys, his are in his room except for a few that are in the family room. I'm rethinking this though because we spend 95% of our time in the family room. It doesn't make sense that he has to cart toys back and forth everytime he wants to play with them, so I'm looking into some type of toy setup/storage for the family room.
normarae5 responded:
I guess I do not have a problem with it because when me or Aj's father says bedtime. Its bedtime. I do not feel like it effects my sons sleeping. My son is so use to having a TV in his room its like second nature to him. He just turns it off, if it was on in the first place. I would like to know the answers to a few of those questions too? That Sea asked. And I have my own. What are the negatives of having a TV in the room ??? I want to hear opinions honestly.

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