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Backwards fever???
kamperkatie posted:
My sisters dr told her that my niece has something called a backward fever??? Has ANYONE ever heard of such a thing??? My nieces' doctor said she runs a backward fever...cause she said she has a hurting kidney and her temp is 97 and I told my sister she has no fever then and she said the dr told her my niece runs a backward fever..........

A dr full of c r a p???? or a real condition???
unknown responded:
I have never heard of backward fever and a quick search of the internet came up with nothing. But a low body temperature can happen when you are sick too so I can see why the doctor might call it that. Instead of her temp rising, it is going down. Of course really a temp of 97 isn't that low. My normal temp is ususally 96 or 97. At 97 she doesn't have a "fever" but I guess if the doctor knows she has a kidney problem (which could cause a lower temp as well could a thyroid problem) then he may be wanting to watch her lower temperature.
An_250624 responded:
Yes, I have heard of this. My mother, when ever she gets really sick, her temperature does not go up, it will go the opposite way. If she has a temperature of 96ish or lower, she will generally go to the doctors or stay at home and stay in the bed. she is one of the only people that I have ever heard of this happening to, but her doctor agrees with her, and calls it a 'backwards fever'.
mrswhitecastle replied to An_250624's response:
I know this is a really old post, but that is interesting. 2 years ago, my DD had double pneumonia. Her temp would drop to 95* or less, and had all of us, including her pedi, a bit worried.
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