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Losing teeth?
How old should a child be before they start to lose thier baby teeth? My son is almost 7 yo and has not lost any teeth yet. Is this normal?
OneAndDone responded:
Seems like I remember reading that the normal range for starting to lose baby teeth extends up to age 8, so your child being in the 6-7 range is still normal. My DS is over 6 and doesn't have a loose tooth yet either. He had a dental appt last month and the x-ray showed all the permanent teeth under the gum, waiting, waiting, waiting, but the dentist wouldn't hazard a guess as to when they might start making an appearance. The longer they have their baby teeth the better, since the permanent teeth have to last so long!
FCL replied to OneAndDone's response:
Agree with PP. Also to be taken into consideration is the age they started getting their baby teeth. I have twin daughters, one started getting teeth at 4 months and the others followed rapidly, the other got her first tooth at 11 (yes, eleven) months and the rest all of a sudden a few months later (lol). They are now 7 1/2 and the first one has been losing her teeth for the last 8 months or so and the second hasn't started yet. Neither the pedi nor the dentist is worried.
Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
It really depends. One of my children got her teeth really early and started losing them at 4. Another got hers relatively on time and didn't lose one until after she was 8.

Here is a chart on when to expect your child to lose baby teeth .

This really is something to check with your dentist though at a regular dental check up. Most dentists want to see the child every 6 months from the time the first tooth is in if he hasn't been to a dentist yet, it is way past time for that first trip.
Tricia1166 responded:
My DS will be in 8 in June and hasn't lost a tooth yet. He wasn't a late teether, just average -- he started getting teeth at maybe 7 mos. My dentist is not worried and told me 6 or 7 is the average age to lose teeth.
OneAndDone replied to Louise_WebMD_Staff's response:
Thanks for the chart, Louise! Now I know why there's all this SPACE between DS's teeth now when there didn't used to be.

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