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UGH-layoffs pending at our public schools.
Baby1at35 posted:
Our state cut some funding so layoffs will be happening in our schools. I understand budgets ect. buy why is education always cut?
Reading in the paper they are planning on cutting the para-professionals/teachers aide which I honestly think are vital. My son will be in kindergarten next year and I am hoping they don't cut the aides especially in kindergarten as they are learning basically how to be in school. They will have about 23 in each classroom next year too.
I know everyone is thinking budgets/funding....just wish it was different.
I can't afford private school so I guess I have to do what I have to do.
I could volunteer in the classroom a bit while Tre is in preschool so I think I will do that.
Just wondering if anyone else is going through this?
katieb426 responded:
Yes, our schools are all facing massive budget cuts here too. I don't know what exactly the school our children attend will be cutting yet. It's a k-12 charter school. But it concerns me greatly. Unfortunately, people did not vote for a mill levy in November that would have helped out all the schools in our area. always feels so discouraging.

You are so smart to volunteer in the classroom. I'm sure the teachers appreciate all the help they can get!!
Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
They cut the visible stuff so people get angry. Look and you will see they very rarely cut admin people.
121sweetie replied to Louise_WebMD_Staff's response:
I agree with Louise. Our school district cut all extra-curriculars last year, sports, band, choir, etc., then they promised they would bring it all back if we voted for thier levy--well--we voted for their stupid levy then they announce they are NOT reinstating the activities--what a bunch of LIARS--no no one will ever vote for a levy again after being tricked like that!
Baby1at35 replied to 121sweetie's response:
That is what I thought Louise. Why are they not cutting any admin people?
From your replies I wonder what we will be voting on eh? Hmmmm.
I am going to research more to see what exactly they are stating.
121-----that is terrible that y'all voted on the levy and they didn't come through. The extra-curriculars are very important as well. grrrrr....
DidiToo replied to Baby1at35's response:
Not to be a contrarian, but the school administrators I know have really tough jobs, and work their tails off. Well-run school districts and schools rely on them.

When I contacted my son's district about a transportation problem, the superintendent got back to me immediately - on a Sunday! - and had his administrative staff solve it within a matter of a few days. I wouldn't want to see less responsiveness to issues involving critical aspects of the educational experience.
Baby1at35 replied to DidiToo's response:
I understand that DiDi but I will say here we have huge buildings full of admin staff. When I call they cannot answer a simple question. Like what do I bring to kindergarten round up. Yawn on the phone ect. Yes the main building employees....
I called several times for assistance on the New "open enrollment" that they devised with no answers but lots of willingness to get me off the phone quickly.
Calling the schools directly totally different! Those people were gems and very helpful.
Right now I do not want anyone to lose jobs but I also want things to work effeciently.
Don't get me started about the school board pay situations going on around here. (Sorry there is a lot of crud happening lately re: school issues /admin ect..)
Yet they are cutting our teachers.....
Raelynn831 replied to Baby1at35's response:
They are laying off in large numbers in my area. My neighbor was informed that she will not have a job after this school year. Most of the lay offs are in the administrative areas, according to what she told me. Fortunately for the students, the teachers aren't being downsized. I think its great to be able to volunteer your time, it will be a great help to the teacher with an over crowded classroom. I'm laid off right now but have a toddler so I'm not able to help.

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