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    Triggs... Article about child missing
    Baby1at35 posted:
    [TRIGGER] This article is so disturbing.. What could have happened? Yes I am already anxious about my son going to kindergarten next year and should not have read this article about a child missing from school.
    OneAndDone responded:
    The story made the news partly because it is such a rare event for a child to disappear from school. My DS is finishing up his kindergarten year. When I visit his school, everyone down to the custodians ask me if I need assistance if I'm alone in a hallway (which is a way of screening the visitors). All visitors are supposed to have badges. Kindergarteners don't wander the halls alone. If they go to the bathroom alone, a teacher knows where they are and when they should be back. Your child will be safe. I can see how the boy's stepmother might have assumed that a second grader could get to his own room safely, but that's not a choice I would have made. I have always walked my kindergartener to and from the room if we're not with the class so I can be sure he gets where he's going. It's a tragic story but please don't lose any sleep over the possibility that it could happen to your DS.
    Baby1at35 replied to OneAndDone's response:
    Thank you. It is just the irrational fear of mine. I will just have to settle in to the whole thing and be fine. This article is probably something I should not have read..

    Originally the article didn't state it was a science fair with lots of extra visitors. I would have too walked with him but that is neither here nor there.
    Poor family...
    katieb426 responded:
    Wow. It's just terrifying to read things like this.

    Just this last March a 12 year old girl disappeared while walking 8 blocks to a friend's birthday party. The news reports and the facebook page that was set up made it seem very unlikely that she ran away. The FBI was brought in and suddenly everyone in town (it's a smaller sized city) became paranoid. Honestly, it sounded like a stranger abduction and that thought was almost too much for me to imagine.

    Then in May the spring rainstorms caused her body to wash out of a culvert and she was discovered by a ditch rider. It was half a mile from her house. Suddenly, the police were able to release more information to the public. Turns out she had and 18 year old boyfriend who was arrested the day she was found for having sexual relationship with a minor. He hasn't been charged with her murder yet, but it's pretty obvious that he had something to do with it. Now I've heard lots of other rumors about the family and other things that were going on.

    My point (taking me a while to get there!) is that there is often information about these abductions that is kept secret from the public. So what seems to be a frightening stranger abduction may actually end up being a family member abduction or something along those lines.

    I pray this little guy is found and the dark secrets surrounding his disappearance are brought to light!
    OneAndDone replied to katieb426's response:
    Katie, you're so right about that! I remember a news report of a 13-year-old who was shot and killed in my town a few years back. The TV news showed pictures of the family WAILING over the loss of their baby and it sounded random and scary, very this-could-happen-to-anyone. The newspaper report the next day reported that she was killed at something like 12:30 on a Tuesday (so why wasn't she in school, I wondered?) and she'd been at her 16-year-old boyfriend's house (did her parents know she was at her boyfriend's house instead of school?). He was renting a house with 4 other teenagers. I wondered about a household with 5 teenagers and no adults - were they so wild their parents had kicked them out? He was later charged with her murder, but the TV news never had a follow-up, so their only story made it sound very random and scary.

    This particular case may well be stranger abduction since visitors were at the school, but we don't have all the facts. I firmly believe my child is safe at his school.

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