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9-year-old acts scared a lot is this normal?
linsivvi posted:
My 9-year-old son is scared of the dark, going into the bathroom by himself,sleeping by himself. Last night he begged to sleep in my younger's daughter's room then he went into hysterics because I told him to turn off his light. All he had to do was walk from my daughter's room thru theire adjoining bathroom and stick his hand in and turn off the light. I've tried everything. He begs for me to lay with him everynight which I have not done for over a year. I figured he would feel safe after a year of sleeping by himself, but it is no better. He is outgoing, very smart, athletic. I don't know how to help him. I have tried reward charts, punishments, reviewing what he is watching to make sure nothing is scaring him. Last night he told me he was scared of a commercial he saw. Things scared me when I was a child but he just takes it to extremes. Any advice would be appreciated.
simerlm responded:
I'm sorry that I don't really have advice, but that's because my son is exactly the same way! He is 9 also. I actually have my son and my daughter, who is 7, still sharing a room because he never wanted to be alone. I am redecorating his room right now, in the hope that he will sleep in it soon.

You said that your son is very smart. Mine is too. My theory is that my son is thinking about things that he can't control. Like, he heard someone talking about the world ending in 2012. He freaked out. He worries constantly about things. I had to go into the ER for a kidney stone a couple of months ago and he admitted later that he thought I was going to die. I think that he just can't shut his brain down. That's my theory on why it happens. I haven't yet figured out how to make him feel less scared. Good luck!
deltadawnathome replied to simerlm's response:
This is starting to sound very familiar. around 8 yrs old, I was becomming very aware of grown-up parts of life, such as death, life after death, and it made sleeping in my room very hard! terrifying! My parents are strong Christians, and explained that God is always in control and that we can trust him no matter what. I hope parents still teach their kids that---kids need to know.

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