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What do you pack for lunch?
Baby1at35 posted:
My son started kindergarten last week and I have packed his lunch a couple days. He actually eats better when I pack lunch and tends to be a bit more healthy.
However I am running out of ideas. I always put in fresh fruit/yogurt which he loves, sandwich.
I am going to make a wrap as he likes the spinach tortilla wrap with turkey /cheese.
Any other ideas?
I am not packing one everyday just on the days when I know he won't eat.
katieb426 responded:
Ella likes the same thing every day, no matter what other "creative" things we suggest. So she packs PB&J, cheese stick, a veggie or fruit (depending on what we have at the time), a granola bar (for afternoon snack), and some Sun Chips or pretzels.

I worry that she's not getting enough variety, but she likes it and as long as it's getting her through the day, I guess I'm okay with it.

Other ideas: rice cakes, apples with peanut butter dip, hummus, cheese bits and lunch meat, pizza
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KC_94920 responded:
I've packed lunches 99.9 % of the time for the 2 years DD1 has been in school (and everyday during the preschool years) and have tried just about everything. I've since learned that there's no real need to try and be creative or adventurous, just send a few things that make up a well balanced meal that they like and will eat. DD1 and DS prefer lunches served bento style as opposed to sandwiches, whole fruit and chips so I go with an assortment of random bites. favorites include: pasta (whole wheat, plain or chicken/cheese tortolini/ravioli), tofu, steamed broccoli, baby carrots, sliced red/yellow pepper, cherry tomatoes, edamame, kidney beans, chick peas, cheese cubes, crackers, small croissant, hard boiled egg, turkey slice, meatball, chicken, grapes, berries, apple slices. I figure as long as they get a protein serving, a carb and some veggies and fruits they'll be happy and healthy. They also both like to take chicken and veggie soup every once in a while which I send in a thermos along with some crackers, a cheese stick and some fruit.

I hope this gives you a few ideas but don't feel bad about sticking with a familiar meal for him (that's easy for you to pack). I think I took an almond butter sandwich, berries and carrots sticks for 5 years straight! LOL!
Baby1at35 replied to KC_94920's response:
Thanks... He always wants a peanut butter sandwich (which is okay at school) , yogurt, fresh fruit of some kind , crackers of some kind and a juice. I tried nutella and he likes it so I guess I can switch up ! Just feels like the same thing but he is happy and eats.
I am not doing every day so that is better. He eats sometimes at school when I know he will eat (or at least hope he will ..LOL) It is a long day without any lunch and the school lunches do not seem real healthy...
Glad y'all have the same experience of them really wanting the same thing..
UnShakeable responded:
We have a food dehydrator and make beef jerky from roast meat. My DS likes that with some whole grain goldfish, a gogurt, and an orange sliced into circles weith a little nick in the side so he can peel it easy . He also likes some homemade cookies or a brownie for dessert.

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