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Poll: Homework (apo 4/5)
mrswhitecastle posted:
I posted this on the 4/5 board, but was hoping to get some input here, too.

Emily is in her third week of kindergarten, and she came home with 3 sheets of homework today. I was surprised they started homework this early!

1. Does DC have homework?
2. Who helps with the homework?
3. When does DC do homework?
4. Where does DC do homework?
5. Any helpful hints to a newbie?
Lainey_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hello MrsWhiteCastle,

Three sheets sounds normal to me and begins by the second week of school. Our children begin homework right after they get home at the kitchen table by themselves. It is much easier to have a clear set time for homework. Once the homework is complete we go over it with our children.
baby1at35 responded:
They only have monthly homework in kindergarten here. (Really the sight word sheets for the month are homework ).

I am new to it all as well so can't offer much advice!
baby1at35 replied to baby1at35's response:
Well I guess I was wrong. We have homework 3 times a week picked from a monthly list. Jeepers. Plus the sight words every month.
Boy have times changed. I never had homework until the 3rd grade.
I am thinking we will do it after some tv time/dinner. He needs some time to calm a bit. Plus most of the assignments can be done on the weekends as well. Nothing too major.
fcl responded:
1. Does DC have homework?

Yes, every night since starting school.

2. Who helps with the homework?

Either me or my husband.

3. When does DC do homework?

Straight after getting home.

4. Where does DC do homework?

At the living room table or, if that's not convenient, in my office.

5. Any helpful hints to a newbie?

Ensure there are no distractions, no TV for instance and no noisy presences in the room. If the child gets stuck and really doesn't "get" something even after help (we have a notebook that the teacher uses to communicate with us and vice versa so we note down in it where the child had a problem).
HMS523 responded:
1- Yes- in kindergarden hw only came home on fridays but sight words where to be practiced every night. 1st grade we had spelling every night and Tues was to read in our reader. Since first grade, on top of hw they also have to read for 20 mins a night and keep a log of how many pages they read.

2-I help with the hw

3-Kids usually have a snack right when we get home and then we start the hw. I tried waiting until later but they are too tired and whinny by then and it is just awful (this is just what happens at our home but probably not all). I do let them wait until later before bed to do their 20 mins of reading.

4- Usually the dining room table where it is quiet and they can spread their stuff out if needed. It also helps me see what each of my two kids are working on. I usually check folders while they start there work and I am there if they need help with anything. Some nights they do, some they don't but they know that I am there for help if they need it.

5- Find what works for you and your kids. We tried several different options in kindergarten until we found the schedule that worked best for us. Each family is different, some kids need the down time after school even if it is 30 minutes to watch a favorite tv show and have a snack and then hit the books, for us it was better to just get started right after snack. No distractions and then they could do whatever they wanted. I usually give them until after dinner to start their chores (trash, dishwasher, feeding pets) so they do get a good 1-2 hr break and can relax, they need it just as much as we do!

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