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KC_94920 posted:
Just curious what everyone thinks about sleepovers? Has your child started having them, if so what age? If not, when will you allow it? Are they best with one friend or multiple friends? Do you set a bedtime? Where do the kids sleep? What do you need to know about the host family before you'll let your DC go?

DD2 has just turned 8 and this summer had 2 sleepovers with one very close friend (our house once, friends house once). Everything went fine both times but I've been hesitant about accepting or offering invitations to her other friends due to my lack of experience. TIA.
LeeLou25 responded:
I think sleepovers are great for my kids every other week or so with family only right now at the most. My kids are all under 9 so I wont let them stay with friends I dont know only with family and it will probably stay that way untill they are alot older. I dont mind if friends stay over at my house though. Call me over protective but if I dont know the parents really well than I wont let my kids stay. I have had some experiences as a child at friends houses that could have been prevented if my parents would have been a little more protective and so has my husband.
1andonlybaby responded:
I honestly hadn't planned to do sleepovers until DS was much older, but that changed a couple of weeks ago.

He'd been asking for about a year to have sleepovers but I wasn't ready. Well, he finally stayed with his friend about 2 weeks ago and did great. He's been friends with this little boy for 2 years and I'm friendly with the mom and dad. They're great people, otherwise I NEVER would've considered it.

Of course, now the little boy wants to come and stay at our home. He was supposed to stay that weekend but I was so sick, so DS went there instead.

Oh, sorry to answer some of your questions: I would set a bedtime if they stayed at my house.

For right now, I'd only do 1 friend at a time.

When ds stayed, he slept in the bed and the boy slept on the floor. DS eventually got on the floor also. Here, I would probably do the same. Let company have the bed and ds on the floor. Or let them camp out in the family room on the floor.

I have to be somewhat friends with the family before I would let DS stay. It couldn't just be someone I've met a couple of times.

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