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New Harry Potter -- Will you take your kids?
Olivia_WebMD_Staff posted:
The newest (and second to last) Harry Potter movie debuted last night at midnight (Nov. 19). From what I hear it is a far cry from the more child-friendly "Sorcerer's Stone" and "Chamber of Secrets". Of course, as Harry grew up, the books grew with him and became a bit darker.

Do you think you'll take your kids to see the movie? Why or why not?

Did you see it? How did your kids react?

(Please, no spoilers! And, parents don't always agree on the types of movies they will let their kids see, so let's keep our opinions civil. Thanks!)
KC_94920 responded:
My oldest has only just turned 8 so no, we won't be taking her to the theater to see this movie. She did however, see the first HP movie last weekend for the first time and asked that we consider getting her the books to read. I think it will be a few years though before we get through the books and movies because, as you mentioned, the later ones just aren't that appropriate for her at this age.
FCL responded:
I won't be taking my daughters because the film rating here in France is "over 10 years old" and they are only 8.As ratings are generally pretty accurate for age suitability I won't be tempted to "cheat" :)
An_222223 responded:
Both of my kids have watched all the movies and own all my son is six and my daughter will be eight. I am a very odd parent and so my daughter likes horror movies and watches them on a regular basis.
However if you ask either of my children they will tell you it is all make believe, corn syrup and other assorted condiments. Neither has ever had a nightmare about any movie they watch only things that are real such as normal size spiders.
I know that in general most parents do not let their kids watch what mine do and I understand why it has just never bothered either of mine so they will get to watch it.
LeeLou25 responded:
We watched it I have two under 8. It is rated PG-13 which I really dont understand there is some violence but nothing IMO to be deemed with that rating. The 8-13 people rating the movie didnt do a good job. There is no legal meaning to these rating anyways and I dont know these parents who rate them but its their opinion not mine. As you can tell im not a fan of the CARA. Each country applies their own rating anyways so you could go to another country to watch a movie and it could be pg or R there. I dont put alot of thought into the ratings of movies. We loved it just like the rest of them.

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