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Almost 6-year-old wetting the bed
MNMommy3 posted:
My DS will be 6 in April. I just had a baby girl 6 weeks ago and I think he's wetting the bed due to the new arrival.

Long story short, I was a single mom for many years. I have a 12 yo DS, 5 yo DS and now a 6 wk old DD. My 12 yo goes to his dad's a lot and my 5 yo's dad is not apart of his life and probably never will be, so we had a lot of "mommy and me" time. I'd let him sleep in my bed on the weekends, we'd do stuff together ALL THE TIME. Then I met my fiance and started bringing him around the kids in January 2010. He moved in around April 2010, out in May 2010 and moved back in September 2010 (I broke up with him, was pregnant and confused, long story). DF is much more strict than I am. I was very lenient with my boys and he's helped me to be a parent more than a friend, but it's been a huge adjustment!! I believe there is some competition between DF and my 5 yo and most of the time it's like walking on eggshells around them. Every little thing DS does wrong, DF points it out and hands out discipline if need be. Well, now that baby is here, DS has been wetting the bed again almost every night. He doesn't even tell me when he does it anymore. He just goes about his day, and I don't find out until I go in his room and notice his bed is wet.

I know all of this is due to DF "stepping on DS's toes" if you will, and the new baby (DF is very protective of our DD and has her on a pedestal of sorts). I just don't know what to do. I don't know how to help my DS get over this adjustment. I'm at a total loss over here and need some advice. I know my DS can't quite put into words exactly how he is feeling, but I know that bedwetting, after not doing it for a very long time, is a sign of some sort of stress. Anybody have any advice on helping my DS get over this hump?

Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Kelly - welcome to this community! I think a visit to your son's pediatrician would be entirely appropriate. Not only to rule out any medical problems but to get advice or possibly referral for services that could guide your family.

A new baby under any circumstances is stressful and it seems like you have additional challenges.

Would your son be opposed to wearing a pull up to bed? Just to make your day easier for now!


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