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Childhood panic disorder
Anon_228309 posted:
Hello, I was wondering if anyone has a child with anxiety or panic disorder. My 6 year old tends to panic right around dinner time. She is beyond a picky eater and kinda has a phobia towards certain foods. She has been unable to eat meat her ENTIRE life, even as a baby she wouldn't eat baby food containing meat and has always had a hard time trying new foods or foods not from a container.
Dinner time for some reason is always very tough for her. Foods that have been cooked in a pan seem to bother her. If she sees me putting in any kinda of seasoning while cooking she refuses to eat (even though I know for a fact she likes it and has eaten it before)
But, Even if we make something she likes and is very familiar with it, sometimes she still seems afraid to touch it if she hasn't had it recently. She panics at the dinner table and wont eat. Sometimes throwing tantrums. This has gotten better over time, so it's possible she may grow out of this but I'm sure it's more than just picky eating phase.
Other than the usual dinner time phobia which she seems to have, she is a very happy an energetic child. She is very bright and very well behaved accept for this food thing. She's not even afraid of the dark or of monsters or anything like that. Just food.
We can't really send her to a friends house overnight because she wont eat. She is not anorexic or anything like that. She just seems to be afraid of certain foods or the way they are cooked. She can't really seem to explain why she acts this way. I guess she's Afraid they will taste bad I guess.
I was wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences with their child.
I've mentioned this to her pediatricians (we've been to a few) and they say she'll grow out of it and she's just picky. But she's been this way since birth.
anyone else who has children who seem to have a food phobia?
momuv4girls responded:
Hi Mom,

I am reading a fantastic book recommended by my daughters nutritionist, and it talks a lot about children like yours. I highly recommend you look into her writings.

This is the book I am reading

She has written others about children/feeding/eating that I haven't read yet, but the one above is great!

Take care!

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