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Cannot get rid of head lice
njbakken posted:
I'm having a major problem getting rid of head lice from my daughter's hair. She has been treated 3 times with Rid and twice with Cetaphil treatments with daily combings with a lice comb in between. Every time I comb out her hair, I spray it down w/water, section it off with clips and go thru it layer by layer rinsing the comb in water in between layers. I find 4 to 10 nits daily. Everything in her room that can be washed has been washed in hot water multiple times. The stuff that cannot be washed has been sprayed with lice spray multiple times, including her car seat and all our furniture. I honestly do not know what else to do. We have been dealing with this for 8 weeks now. Any tips?
momuv4girls responded:
Are you positive its lice ? Have you seen the adults, or are you just going off from seeing nits ?

I ask because my daughter suffered thru this for a year ... (or so I thought), but actually the lice was gone and I was seeing little white nit things in her hair, but found out (after seeing a professional on lice) that this was her scalp reacting after so many treatments.

Write back and let me know if you are seeing the adults or not?

Thanks !
njbakken replied to momuv4girls's response:
I did see adults, but I have not seen them since July 4th. I am seeing, what look like small adults, I am guessing it's the nymphs. I bought a new head lice comb from a beauty supply store yesterday so I am hoping this will help. Thanks for your reply. I will keep that in mind if this continues.
davephillyj replied to njbakken's response:
My sister only uses Listerine. Name brand only. But she soaks the kids heads in it and puts a bag over their hair. Not sure how long she leaves it, i will ask her tonight. She said that they are always resistant to the rid and nix stuff. I have heard of a lot of others using it too. But if you are not spraying and killing the ones in the carpet, beds toys etc it will do no good. I did see a home burned once because the house was to infested to save (it was an old house anyway)

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