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Kindergarden Help
An_240791 posted:
My 5yr old boy already hates going to school every morning.. He does fine the first day or two of the week but the rest is a chore..Any suggestions?
ladylynx19 responded:
I think that you just have to give it more time. My son's kindergarten was all day everyday 5 days a week and I remember him coming home the first couple months in such a crabby mood and was sometimes even sleeping before supper time. Kids that age just get so exhausted and need more time to adapt. I'm not sure if you're a stay at home mom or not but my sister in law is going through the same issue with her daughter and I think it's because she knows her mom is at home and she wants to be home where she feels comfortable. Whatever the issue is it will get better!
orin34 responded:
I used to teach kindergarten. For some children it may take a longer time to adapt to the no nap, or longer schedule, ect.
I had a few that would refuse to come in and I would have to very gently remove them from their parents legs and bring them into the classroom.
For those stubborn ones that resisted even after months I would do behavior (if that was an issue) or achievement charts that they can take home to show mom or dad. I team up with the parents and discuss positive incentives from home and school. If they get ____ stamps then they get an extra 10 minutes of TV, or a toy from my treasure chest, or a bag of fruitsnacks.... you get the idea.
I also encouraged the parents to come in and volunteer in class (students are so proud when their parents come in to help and it may help "renew interest").
I would discuss his reluctance to come to school with his teacher. We don't take it personally and most teachers will be willing to work with you to help maintain his interest in school activities.
JonInVirginia responded:
Perhaps 5-year old children were never meant to be taken away from their parents for six hours a day. May I suggest homeschooling? That's what we've always done, and it's awesome!
Motherofthesun replied to JonInVirginia's response:
Hi there. Well, I will say that kindergarten and first grade are notoriously difficult transitional years for some kids. The goal is to always remain really upbeat and positive about it. Talk about the good things> you get to see your friends, you get to do cool art, you get to ride the bus, you get to have recess, you get to check out a library book, you get to do gym, etc. (whatever they've told you is good). Play up the good things big time.

My kids were both really tired when they started full day school in the first grade (both were 6 when they started first grade). I found that by making their bed time 15 minutes to a half hour earier, it really helped.

Some kids that go straight into full day kindergarten struggle a bit and that is why many districts still offer a half day program. If there is one available in your district, you could always consider this and switch to it if it isn't too difficult to do.

But the vast vast majority of kids will adjust and acclimate to school and find things they enjoy about it. One other area to look into is if anything is hard for him. For example, if he has trouble with handwriting---- school can feel daunting to a child. A little extra work at home on handwriting can make a difference in the comfort level at school. So look for any root causes as well.

Best of luck to you and your little guy!

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