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sassy mouth soap
Nyana posted:
my son in law feels that making my 7 year old grand daughter hold a piece of soap in her mouth is the cure to her sassy mouth,well I keep telling him he better look to his wife for the issue behind that,some of it isn't sass it's simply that she is a very intelligent 7yr.old that for the most part is two years higher in intellect at the least and she loves to show it off and just doesn't understand that some adults see that as sass . so now how do I make him understand I'm afraid that this is what is causing her bladder problems,because I know for a fact that they haven't told the Dr. that this is "discipline"to the for her.
Noodlesbaby11 responded:
I heard somewhere that putting soap in a child's mouth can kill them! Better tell him to be careful
Anon_475 responded:
This is abuse.
hlvmom10 responded:
Well., all I can say is that hopefully he see's that she is not meaning to be sassy and she's just expressing herself. I know a line between being sassy and being..really smart is a fine one... however my parents put soap in my mouth when I was a kid and it didnt cause any problems for me. I hope he doesnt make her swallow it or anything..what does your daughter say ??
JonInVirginia replied to Noodlesbaby11's response:
And I heard that Mikey from the cereal commercial died from eating pop rocks and soda! So it must be true.
Motherofthesun replied to JonInVirginia's response:
Hm. I don't think this is deadly but probably not very effective. I

I do believe kids should have consequences for undesirable behavior. This sounds like it has been tried and frankly, is a bit old school (picturing the movie "A Christmas Story" here) . . . and it is not working.

What else COULD work? Well, I'm a firm believer that my kids will learn to respect me because I am the keeper of all things they like in our household. I am the one that takes them places, allows them to do things they like, helps them out with whatever they need, etc. They SHOULD respect me. Keep drilling that in to her head.

She is young, I think that I'd work on positive reinforcement. It is amazing the results this can get. A simple 'I will not respond ot you until you use nice words and a nice voice to talk to me." And then ignore her until she does. And when she DOES use the nice words, praise her like she is a rock star.

This has worked for me. good luck

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