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Body curiosity among children
NHTiffany posted:
Hi everyone I'm hoping some of you can help me. I have 4 sons, 11, twins 6 and the youngest is 5. My twins are in the first grade. 2 days before the holiday break I recieved a call from the princepal of their school. He asked me to pick up one of my twins because the child (first grade) is suspended. He said my son inappropriately touched another boy during recsess. Mortified, I went straight to the school to meet with the princepal and both first grade teachers. (my twins are in seperate classes but both of these teachers teach both boys different subjects at different times.) They explained to me that my son had no trouble admitting to them what he had done. The story goes according to the teachers and my son that while on the playground my son was playing with his new best buddy and a girl that he had also befriended. The boy he is friends with tagged the girl on her private area. When it was my sons turn he tagged the boy on his private area. The little girl later went to one of the teachers and told her the whole story and explained that her mother had taught her to go to an adult when anyone tries to touch her there. The teachers called upon both boys and they owned up to the game. They told my son that he had done such a naughty thing he could be arrested.

About 5 years ago when my 11 year okd who was then 5-6 began touching his private area, and showing curiosity toward others I was so worried I went to the library in search of literature addressing the topic. I didn't have any trouble finding that literature as it was a clear developmental expectaion among males of that age group. The books suggested speaking with the child very gently to avoid shaming the child and explaining to him what is appropriate and what is not. Having followed the advice in those books the problem cleared up quickly.

So I wasn't surprised to hear that one of my boys was involved in this kind of explore. In fact, in the years since I had taken a Psycology class
that adressed the issue at lenghth. The books and the class warned against shaming the child claiming that long term affects may occur in the way the child views sex and even his own self esteem.

I told these teachers that while I'm greatful that the little girl is so smart and followed her mothers good direction, I feel as though my child is being treated unfairly. I think there needs to be a program or another more delicate way to handle this. My son is a quiet boy, does not have a fresh mouth and would be described as respectful and polite. I know that he hadn't any bad intentions. He has bullying and sexual harrassment on his school record at six years old.

Does anyone have any information on the rights of children in this capacity? Thanks in advance for your insight.
An_243740 responded:
im not sure how much help i can be but from what i have read i dont think this calls for this child to have such serious statements such as sexual harrassment and bullying on his record that will follow him all his life just about. i think you should look into that and see what you can done to have it removed from his record exspecially if the children were playing and it wasnt intended to be harmfull. start with the board of education in your home town.

really hope this help good luck keep us posted on how things go.
NHTiffany replied to An_243740's response:
Thank you, that's what I'm going to do. I'd also like to meet with the school psychologist and see what his take is on this. Thanks again for the support

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