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need advice on how to disipline a 6yr old who has add and asbergers
lizziefontanna23 posted:
ok im haveing trouble disipling one of my friends 6yr old. i occasionally watch him from time to time but he acts out over the little things and starts throwing temper tantrums for nothing. i dnt know how to deal with this cause i try the calm be nice approach and it doesnt work. ive tried talking to his mom and she just shrugs me off about if he get out of control too much just sitting him in the corner like my parents did...hes also very spoiled rotten and when he gets a toy he crys and says he wants a different one. the fits last for hrs. if he doesnt get his way. even when we tell him calmly that he shouldnt be acting like this cause he should be grateful to get a toy anywase...what should i do? im about to pull my hair out
momuv4girls responded:
There needs to be some special ed. training / classes.

Thats really kind of you to watch your friends son, but a child who is challenged behaviorally and has Aspergers and ADD needs someone skilled in how to handle them.

Dr. Ross Greeene is an expert and written many books on this topic. Here is a helpful link for you to explore, and maybe pass along to this young boys mom:

Take care!
laura2910 responded:
My son has aspergers syndrome, although he wasn't quite this bad. He'd get overstimulated easily, so the key was to remove him from the situation. It sounds like you've tried that though. Perhaps a reward system, and work with mom on that? If he uses his manners, behaives, etc (make sure he understands the expectations and goals) then he gets stickers or marbles. Once he gets x amount of marbles, he gets an ice cream, pizza party, or something.

I hope you find something. Personally, I think taking the calm approach will pay off. You don't want to get into an excited screaming match, and if you ignore the bad behavior, reward the good, he may figure it out.

Good luck!
JonInVirginia responded:
Why are you in this position where you have to discipline someone else's kid? If he is at your house to play, don't allow him over anymore. Since the mom "just shrugs [you> off," perhaps your problem is with the mom. My experience is that there is very little you can do with someone else's brat.

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