Homework - we need some help!!
laura2910 posted:
Hello! I have a nine year old 3rd grader, and we need some homework help! I personally think the amount of homework she brings home is ridiculous! I've mentioned it to her teacher, and apparently it's a principal directive. When mentioning it to the principal, she just won't budge.

Each night my daughter has a math worksheet, spelling assignment (20 words), EOG (end of grade) test practice for both Math and Language Arts, read for 30 minutes, and fill out the reading log (paragraph about what you read). On a good night, this takes about an hour. I usually sit with her to help her, because she's normally exhausted by the time she gets started (She is in gymnastics, which she LOVES so much, but they meet 3 times per week after school). However, lately the MOMENT we sit down to do homework, she melts down. She suddenly doesn't know 2 + 2. The ONLY way her homework gets done is if I tell her all the answers. She claims she doesn't feel good, doesn't remember learning it, etc etc.

So, my question is, at what age do other kids start doing homework independently? And, at this point should I just let her have the choice of doing her homework, and deal with the school consequenses? They get silent recess if they don't turn their homework in, which would really upset her, but perhaps she just needs to experience that a few times and she'll start doing it again? I'm trying so hard to hold it together, but I just want to yell at her when she starts to throw her fits about her homework! At the same time, I am just so frustrated that 3rd graders are expected to do so much! Any advice is appreciated!!