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My 8 year old soon to be 9 in a month has her period OMG
Beyond619 posted:
My 8yr old just got her period less than an hour ago, and I am really trying to keep my cool. I swore she was too young, I'm mean come on, I was 12.
My mother warned me a few weeks ago to have "THE TALK" with her, but as usual, I though Miss. Know it all was exagerating. So of course she took it in to her own hands, and gave her a breifing of "The Talk", I wasn't upset, because I wasn't sure if I was ready, and nature dam sure didn't care about my feelings.
So anyway, I'm on my laptop doing homework for my online class, and my daughter literally walks into my room, and says "Mom, you think I have my period?" and, I'm like "Charm, I told you before, I would discuss that with you when your ready, I don't know why mommom told you anything anyway, and then she says. "Well, I have a red wet spot in my panties....see". I jumped up so freaking fast, I forgot to breath and gave myself an headache. So from there of course I new what to do, but OMG what's next, does this mean, I have to discuss sex with my 8 year old???? I feel like she's being robbed of her innoscense!!!
MrsAmandaWilson responded:
I started my period when I was 7. So I'm right there with your daughter for being an 'early beginner'.

All I can say was that I was sort of excited! Something new was happening and it felt -amazing-. I felt connected to every woman in the world all of a sudden.

I remember my mother sitting me down and explaining -everything- to me. I know you are worried about robbing her innocence but her honesty saved me from sooo many problems.

When I started to learn about sex and masturbation from other kids at school (Yes, kids can become sexually fascinated with themselves as young as -5- from what I saw) I rejected it -all-. After all, I -knew- all the answer, I trusted my mother and she had -already- spoken to me.

What I'm trying to say is do you want your daughter to be the child listening to other kids tell her all the fascinating details about sex (Probably wrong)? and for her to feel like you never told her cause it's bad so she just keeps it to herself or attempts to try it? or do you want to educate her now so when the topic comes up she's the most carefully educated out of the bunch (Plus if she has more questions she's 10x more likely to come to you).

Anyway, I'm a mother myself too, and I worry about this myself. I've tried to shelter them as much as possible without suffocating them seems unfair for something like a period to come so early...

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