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Sooooo Not Ready for This....
mrswhitecastle posted:
Emily and I were having one of our body/stranger/maturing talks. I mentioned to her that I had to start wearing bras sometimes when I was in 2nd grade. She got SSSOOOO excited. She now seems obsessed with bras and wanting to wear them!

She wanted to use her allowance to go buy some bras, so I bought her a few training bras. She had to try each of them on and show all of us how they look. (Let's just say DH was not amused.)

I remember dreading having to wear bras, and she is so excited. If you don't mind sharing, when did you or your DD start wearing bras? Were you or DD excited about it?
Emily (6) Elizabeth (5)
iocasta responded:
First of all, I am soooo glad I have a boy. I didn't start wearing one until I was closer to 10 and man did I hate them. I can remember at 7 being told by my mom that I had to start wearing shirts when I was outside playing. I was really upset and thought it was unfair since the boys could run around without a shirt. I was a tom boy through and through.
peachyisthelife responded:
2nd grade?? Yikes! I didn't wear one until....either 5th or 6th grade. I think the summer between those. I wasn't excited, it was more embarassing for me. Maybe if you're older, it's more embarassing? I don't know. Does your daughter already need a bra? That seems SO young!
MAllen81 responded:
I agree with locasta - so thrilled I have 3 boys I was a super tom boy, too, having 2 older brothers. I hated it when my Mom made me a sports bra in 5th grade to basketball camp.

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