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9 Year old girl with bad odor
Laur1981 posted:
Please help. My 9 year old (overweight if that matters) daughter has had bad odor lately from her vaginal area. Smells like urine and fishy. I work in a nursing home so I know to compare it to the smell the older people get when they arent cleaned enough. We have her showering daily and washing with a feminine soap and changing her underwear twice a day. The underwear, even after being bleached, look like theyre dirty in the crotch part still. Every three weeks or so she needs new ones. The smell seems embedded in it and her. She has not started her period yet.. we have an appointment with her peditrician to discuss but just wondering what you guys think?
fcl responded:
A fishey smell is the sign of a bacterial infection not of being dirty. Probably all it will take is a prescription for antibiotics. Poor child must be very distressed by this.
Mshatz responded:
It sounds like a bacterial infection or a yeast infection. Inside of grocery stores they have those at home kits that you can tell if it is a simple thing or if she needs to be taken to a doctor. I know this may sound disgusting but you might want to ask her how she wipes after using the bathroom because that can cause problems. But I think getting her checked for an infection. Sorry it is so late please let me know how it worked out cause I have a girl who has that problem
IrishTwins8 replied to Mshatz's response:
I was curious if you solved this issue. My daughter who is 8 has the same issue and was woandering what you ended up doing for your daughter.
kikki replied to fcl's response:
could be a yeast infection or.bacteral inf. deff.need to see a doc for that.goodd luck.

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