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My 7 Y/O ADD daughter won't stop peeing herself
LittleLadybug6 posted:
My 7 year old daughter was diagnosed with ADD when she was 4, and we tried everything before we decided on a low dose of Concerta last year when she was 6. She has made lightening speed improvements in school, so I'm comfortable in thinking that medication was the right decision. (She couldn't count past 12 or write all her ABC's when she started, and now she is above grade level in reading and math.)

However, about 5 months after we started her on the medication she started to wet herself. I'm not talking about spoting, but she soaks herself. She spots nearly everyday, and soaks herself by peeing about 2 or 3 times a week. We have been to the doctor, and they can't tell me what's going on. She thoughts it was mental.

Rather than medicating her more, we went to a family therpist who told us she belived it was anxiety. After 6 sessions, we thought things had improved, but they haven't. She will do really good for a while, but then have a really bad few weeks. Even if it's not as bad as soaking herself, she is always spotting her panties.

Does this have anything to do with her ADD? Is her medication a factor? How can I help her get better control of her bladder?
mrswhitecastle responded:
Could she be constipated? My daughter will do something similar when she is constipated. We have to give her Miralax on a regular basis, and the accidents stop.

I hope you find some answers soon. That has to be so hard for both of you.
Emily (7) Elizabeth (5)
sarahogan responded:
Has she been tested for a UTI? I had a friend who's daughter did the same thing after starting meds, but it turned out that a side effect of the medication for her was frequent urinary tract infections.
Roselynne81 responded:
LittleLadybug6 i was trying to find out if you ever came to the conclusion to what exactly was going on. My daughter was just diagnosed with adhd and put her on concerta, she is 7. for the past 2 months she has been peeing on herself and peeing the bed. she even pees on herself at school.i took her to the dr and they said that she had strep and that after the antibiotics it should clear up and it didnt. if anyone could help me make suggestions to the dr it would be much appreciated...

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