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Keeping their stuff picked up!?!?!?! HELP!!!
Tara44406 posted:
I have 4 kids- 3 boys ages 9, 6, and 6, and a DD who is 3. I am going CRAZY trying to figure out how to get them to keep stuff picked up. I swear.... if they pick something up, they walk around with it- a cup, or clothes or whateer, and DROP IT wherever they are. This house looks like a PIGSTY CONSTANTLY because of this!! They take their shoes off wherever they want to take them off, they throw their bags on the floor when they get home from school, jackets too, mittens, hats, etc.... same thing. They read a book and PLUNK. on the floor. They leave stuff at the table constantly too. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I have to remind them to pick up their dishes.
I've tried EVERYTHING I can think of- a job jar- when they don't listen, or leave something out, they take a job from the job jar and do that after they put away what they left out. Doesn't work. Doesn't phase them. I was running out of jobs!! I put them in the corner. They don't care. If it's toys they've left out, or they refuse to clean up their toys (which happens OFTEN, and they screw around instead of picking up for HOURS) I've taken the toys to Goodwill, I've taken them to the dumpster- THEY DON'T CARE! I've tried the technique where you tell them once, then let it be, then wake them in the middle of the night to do it. You'd think you were stabbing them when I woke them up to do this, but... they did it OVER and OVER and OVER again- didn't phase them, and wore me out!! When they leave their clothes on the floor instead of putting them in the dirty clothes pile (sometimes feet from where they threw them down) I'd make them THROW the clotehs to the pile, then go pick it up, take it back over, drop it, then pick it up again, and repeat. Some of them are up to 60 times now, as I add 10 times each time they do it. They cry MISERABLY, throw themselves on the floor, bawl their eyes out, but... they still continue to do it!! I'm at my wits end with how to deal with this. And it's NOT just toys they leave out- clothes, shoes, papers, books, our books, game controllers, etc. so it's NOT things I can/will throw away- and they woudln't care if I threw their clothes away anyway. They have more. ARGGG!!!! Anyone ehave any other ideas???? HOW do I deal with this!!!??? I'm ready go insane with CRAP laying EVERYWHERE!!! HELP PLEASE!!!!!
jd1000 responded:
tell em to pick up after themselfs or you will toss out anything that is left on the floor.

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