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8 Year Old Boy With Anger Issues -- Discipline Advice Needed
s43tum posted:

My son just turned 8, and he has anger issues. He used to take it out on the thing that was angering him, like he's gotten mad at his game before and smashed his controller. I made him replace the controller himself and since then we haven't had any physical manifestations of his anger -- just yelling and screaming, which I had been working on with positive reinforcement.

However we had a BIG hiccup this morning. He refused to eat breakfast (which makes him easily angered) and then wanted to take the dog for a walk. She was pulling him along and he didn't like that, and apparently kicked and hit her. Someone saw and called the police, but no report was filed because he's only 8 and it was an isolated incident for him to be mean to the dog. He's never hurt the dog before, or the cat or guinea pig, but he does YELL at her sometimes when she's doing something that upsets him.

In any case, I'm going to make an appointment on Monday for him to see a child psychologist, because we need to get this anger under control and I think we need professional help. But my question is what do I do TODAY? I have him in his room right now, cleaning it spotless, but I'm not sure the appropriate punishment is needed for having the cops called on you for kicking a dog! Any ideas?
momuv4girls responded:
This is really tough, and I can emphasize with your situation!

I think getting to the root of your son's anger is important, and a good child psychologist may be able to help him. They should do a complete evaluation on him, then decide a course of treatment. Good Child Psychologists can be hard to find, so you may want to get a pediatrician's recommendation or talk to some friends.

Discipline can be tricky, and here again, a good psychologist will work with you on techniques and ideas.

Not sure if you've heard of Ross Greene before? He has a great approach in dealing with children who are behaviorally challenged - check out these pages:

Good luck on your search, take care!

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