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    Getting Kids Out the Door in the Morning
    An_253611 posted:
    I need HELP. Every single morning, it is a struggle to get my kids (4 & 6) up and ready to go to school. They're in the bed by 7:30pm and we have to wake up at 6am-ish because it takes them so long to get ready. I just started a new job, I'm newly divorced and I cannot risk losing this job. I wake them up each morning w/a song and then I wash their faces while holding and hugging them. Their hot breakfast is waiting for them by the time they make it to the table. And then they sit there, comatose. I know they're sleepy, so I try more singing...even played the stereo for a little while. I have to constantly encourage, then remind, the tell them to eat. Every single morning, they move slowly as tho' we have nowhere to go. My son isn't a morning person and my daughter's only 4, thus the 7:30pm bedtime. I put a list of steps on the wall in the bathroom for him for a year now and he still won't read it unless I make him. Their clothes are already laid out for the week, so they only have to put them on. I have read and implemented every tip, but to no avail. Every morning is a war to get out of the house on time. I'm at my wit's end. I'm at the brink of tears almost every morning because I hate fussing at my babies. I want to be a better mom....but I just don't know what else to do, what other strategy to implement.
    booberryjuice responded:
    OMG - this is my house! but i only have 1 now that i have to get off, and i don't work now. I cant find anything to help either, but i have used a spray bottle for some time now. it does the job to get him going and out of bed. And a therapist said she doubts at all that there will be any harm in it. i don't treat him like a cat or dog punishing him - but as a tool to get him moving - It works pretty good most of the time . My son just gets into rewind and acts comatose too when i say we have to get moving. this morning I had to tie his shoes to get it done faster, takes him literally 10 mins. to get them on and tied. he goes to bed very late (cuz he cant slow down- even with his meds.) last night it was 11:30 ! He's WORSE than a toddler who wont go to bed! makes for frustrating mornings or whenever we have to go anywhere! wish ya luck and let me know if someone has a better solution that works! (Mines 10)

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