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Stomach Pains
gailken posted:
I really need help, my 10 year old son has been having stomach pains since Aug. We have been to his primary dr and a GI dr. He has had an upper GI and a MII. We also today came from having the bladder test. The doctors can not find anything wrong, the only thing that we have been able to see is from the MII which showed that his stomach is producing more stomach acid than most, they have prescribed a med call Bethanechol which the side effects are sleepiness and dizziness. Of course we are waiting on the results from the bladder test today but the tech said he did not see anything abnormal. My son is hurting 24 hrs a day. The pain wakes him up at night so he is going to school tired and this is starting to effect his grades. I don't feel the doctors are looking in the right place but I am not sure myself what could be causing this. I was just wondering if anyone has experienced this also and maybe direct me in some way. I don't know what to do at this point.
momuv4girls responded:
This is really tough, and I'm so sorry you are finding answers so difficult to come by.

I just have another thought you think, maybe these stomach aches are due to your son being stressed or anxious?

I ask because when physical causes are ruled out, often times they can be caused my mental angst.
Not to say the pain isn't real for your son.......I'm sure it is - - but its just not caused physically, but mentally.

If the Dr.s continue to rule out anything medical - I would highly suggest finding a good Child Psychologist (preferabley Male), to see your son and explore what's going on.

If it is indeed mental, your son doesn't recognize it, and if someone flat out asks him if he's "stressed" , he'd be like "what?? No, I'm not", because children can't make that type of a connection at their young age - heck, even some adults can't make the connection between mental health challenges and physical pain.

- Just another perspective.....I hope your son feels better soon.
Take care,

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