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My 8yr old son has started masturbating,...
mrshecei30 posted:
My son, who is 8, almost 9, has recently started masturbating. We've caught him numerous times with one or both hands in his pants, and I can tell it's not just "holding" or "touching" that's happening. He's usually been caught by me or my husband when he's laying on the couch watching tv. The subject matter of what he's watching has no connection to this, he could be watching Disney channel or HGTV, nothing inappropriate is "stimulating" him physically. I know it's totally normal for boys to explore their body, I have no problem with that and I want him to feel comfortable with his private parts,... My questions are more along the lines of "How can we explain to him that it's ok to experience making yourself feel good, so to speak, but that he shouldn't do it in the living room, or where people may see him." Also, he just started this in the last week or so, and I swear, almost every time in walk into the room I catch him, probably 5-6 times in an evening. I've said to him "please take your hands out of your pants.",... He does and then he has covered up with a blanket too, thinking I can't tell what he's doing. My husband and I had a very brief conversation with him, basically saying "it's normal & ok to touch your penis, but please do it in privacy, like your bedroom or bathroom, that way we don't catch you and you won't feel weird or like you're doing something wrong"

All that being said, I'm curious if he is actually getting an erection or if it simply feels good to rub it without? Should I have the whole "sex talk" with him now, or just a talk about masturbation being normal? As his mom, would it be more comfortable to have his dad explain things "man to man", or is it best to sit him down & have both parents be involved in the conversation? I don't want him to feel any more uncomfortable than he already will be just talking about it, but I want him to know that both his mom and dad are very open to any questions he has or anything he wants to talk about...

Please respond with any advice from experience raising sons, I would greatly appreciate it! THANKS!

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