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booberryjuice posted:
My 10 y/o has sensory issues and b/c of them has developed OCD. He hand washes to the point of very sore knuckles bleeding(only recently) and head picking, leaving sores on his head-numerous. He almost only does this at school. I spend all week and the weekends trying to antibiotic cream them(from doc) so he doesn't get infections which makes me Paranoid. Recently there has been strep going around at school- a close friends DD had it which he had gotten a flesh-eating bacteria from and lost a finger. This has further freaked me out. I feel like pulling my kid from school and homeschooling him, but he doesn't listen or do much of anything i say-including homework. He IS on meds- but they don't seam to help to stop the obsessions yet.We are working on finding some meds that work- he just doesnt tollerate them well, they seam to make him too wild - with his ADD/ADHD - any thoughts ? has anyone had success with holistic things for OCD? he is being tested at school for a learning disability- but he's pretty smart so i don't think he'll get it. (our school is pretty hard that way) he has : ADD/ADHD-SPD-Anxiety-OCD -- Are there other boards on webmd that i should be on?
momuv4girls responded:
Are you guys working with a Child Psychiatrist? Often times medication for ADD, make OCD behaviors worse - it happened to my daughter.

I understand your frustration!! OCD is based on anxiety, so if your son doesn't qualify for an IEP, he definitely should for a 504 plan. Have you looked into a 504, in case an IEP doesn't happen? There's a lot to learn.....sigh - it can all be SO much work for us parents!

What meds is your son currently on?


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