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Over emotional 5 year old girl
Jellyfern posted:
My 5-1/2 year old daugher has been having some strange emotional issues this past year. Every few months she will have a time period of about 2 weeks when she is an emotional wreck. You look at her wrong, she cries. You say the wrong word, she cries. She is extremely whiney and her mood swings are crazy. She will literally go from happily, excitedly telling you about something that happened that was fun, to crying hysterically by the end of the sentence. When we ask why she is crying, she will smile and say that she isn't crying -- even though she has tears streaming down her face, her lip is quivering. My husband and i are completely baffled by this change in her. Typically she is a very happy, bubbly, outgoing, confident, talkative child. She behave like this for about 2-3 weeks, then she'll return to her normal self....this has now happened about 3 times in the last year. She is my only daughter and my son has never experienced any emotional changes nearly as dramatic as this. Is this typical for pre-school age girls to behave? Do I need to be worried? I was thinking it was her body's response to a growth spurt or something, but not sure. She is eating and sleeping normally as well.....any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
KC_94920 responded:
DD's "emotional" days seemed to go hand in hand with three things---being hungry, being tired and/ or a growth spurt. An "over emotional" day (or time period) would involve both the tiredness and the growth spurt. I tried very hard last year not to over schedule her and to make sure she had ample time to play quietly in her room after school to wind down. We also kept the evenings simple and the bedtime rather early (7pm).

I will say that for us the emotional maturity spurt between 5.5 and 6.5 has been monumental and we have fewer tears and mood swings with each passing month. Now a days if for whatever reason DD gets teary or snippy, I offered her food and tell her go have a snack and "regroup" or at least take a break.

Funny you mention the crying but insisting she's not crying. DD has done that as well. She'll get all wound up about something and even have tears in her eyes but insist she's NOT crying (cause we all know at 6.5 y.o that only cry babies do that, right?).

Hopefully this too shall pass for you!

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